Special Promotion



Additional 10% off your 2nd escape room on the same day.

You will never get tired feeling of the escape!! 

5% OFF

Follow our staffs instructions during check out to receive the social media discount

10% OFF

Book with us online to

secure your spot 

Boardgame Cafe Promotion


Café $7 all you can play combo

Includes choices of 

- Either 1 bag of chips or bowl of popcorn

- Either 1 can of pop or drip coffee


What a combo!!

Spend your day with your friends and family at De Code Adventures. 

Kid Birthday

Come celebrate your child's birthdays (12&Under)

here with us at De Code Adventures!

1) Room Escape Only Package

- 1 hour of Escape Rooms

2) Room Escape + Pizza Combo Package

- 1 hour of Escape Rooms

- All day board game play admission

- 2 Large pizza (your choice of either Pepperoni or  Cheese, large has 10 slices) 

- 1 Bag of chips and 1 can of pop per person

- 2 hour party room rental 

3) Trading Card Game (Pokemon, Dragon Ball) + Pizza Combo Package

For more information please send your emails to info@decodecanada.com

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