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Anchor-Mission: Quazar
Mission: Quazar




A mysterious powerful crystal has fallen on Earth. Aliens of all kinds set their eyes on the human race and planet Earth. Can they steal the Quazar Crystal from humanity successfully or will they be discovered and captured in the process? Gather your team and hunt down the Quazar Crystal now!! 

Mission: Military Sector (4-6 players)

Zantorax – A violent and strong race, actively invading weaker planets with their advanced technology and strength. Their mission is to steal the Quazar Crystals and weaken the humans’ defense system for a potential attack.

Mission: Research Sector (To be released soon!)

Bleeplorp – An intellectual race, seeking wisdom and knowledge for a better life. Their mission is to steal the Quazar Crystals from Earth and obtain knowledge to reproduce its power and use it to advance their planet.  

Competition Mode (To be available soon!)

De Code the Child's Play






In this hard economy you have managed to find a tutoring job that pays really well. The parents want you but the twins won’t accept tutors that aren't as smart as them. Thus the twins have created a challenge to test your abilities by hiding the contract in their locked room. Can you escape with the contract and prove yourselves to the twins?

4-6 players


4-6 players


Multi-room Escape Room

Temporarily closed for Covid-19

Single-room Escape Room

De Triad Code 






Investigators & Mafia members will be competing against each other; pressed not only for time, but also to finish first! Only one team can complete the mission, will it be yours? 


Escape Mode (2-6 players)

choose from either De Investigators (A) or De Mobsters (B) for each 60-minute booking.


Competition Mode (7-12 players)

Investigators & Mobsters will be competing against each other and time to finish the mission first. Members will be assigned into investigators or mobsters for each 60-minute booking. The two groups will be going into two different rooms. If you wish to switch rooms and experience both missions, two 60-minute bookings are required.


Triad A: De Investigators

Headquarters has given you the important mission of searching the Barracuda Express office. You and your group of investigators are tasked with collecting evidence of the Mafia’s drug-trafficking activities. Will you be able to access their hideout and discover their secrets?


Triad B: De Mobsters

You are an enemy gang that has infiltrated the opposition's backroom. You have been sent by your boss to retrieve important information that will lead to the success of your gang. Remember, finish the mission and escape. There might be police on the other side of the wall trying to catch you and nab the information.

4-12 players

Anchor-De Triad Code

Single-room Escape Room

Temporarily closed for Covid-19






Art Legacy has been retired and now under construction for a new multi-room! Can you guess what theme it would be? @decodecanada leave us a comment and if you are right, maybe you can try the room for free! Hint: Year 2028

4-6 players

Anchor -art legacy

Multi-room Escape Room

The Mutagen Effect





You and your friends visit an island  owned by a corporation who specializes in taming wild animals. Unfortunately, one of your friend was attacked and left with an animal wound. Will you be able to find the doctor and get help in time? What secrets await on this mysterious island...

DISCLAIMER: Physical activity such as kneeling and crawling may be involved.

Anchor-De Code MU

4-6 players

Multi-room Escape Room

The Darkest Hour 




As years went by, humans have carelessly exhausted majority of their energy resources. As they frantically search for a solution to this problem, they turn to you, experienced time agents, to find the secret behind infinite power. With the human race facing its darkest hour... will your team be able to light the way before it's too late?

DISCLAIMER: Don't worry, it's not that dark as the poster claims it to be. Wouldn't recommend 2 players for this room.

4-6 players

Multi-room Escape Room

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